Rob Whyte

“Every day in the vineyard is a good day.”




Since 2014


BS Environmental Management – California Polytechnic State University

Rob’s focus at Renteria is twofold, including both the development of new vineyards as well as irrigation management. Designing or re-designing vineyards from the ground up, Rob works with clients to determine everything from rootstock, clone and plant selection to row orientation, trellising and irrigation systems. He also manages irrigation in our clients’ vineyards, tailoring regimes according to agreed-upon objectives and utilizing data compiled from weather stations, soil moisture probes and other technology.

During his time at Cal Poly, where he minored in soil science, Rob survived what he calls a few “hard knock” internships in the wine industry and discovered he preferred “getting dirty in the vineyard” to the prospect of entering the field of environmental law or policy. After graduation, time spent as a cellar worker at Duckhorn Vineyards taught him how essential high quality fruit is to the making of fine wine. Prior to joining Renteria he worked as a viticulturist for Stagecoach Vineyard.