Oscar Renteria

“Our job is to help our clients make the best wines in the world.”




Ever since he can remember!


BS Business Administration – St. Mary's College

As the CEO of our company Oscar maintains a hands-on approach to management that reflects the way we work with the vineyards under our care. While he strongly believes in hiring good people and allowing them to do their jobs, he is also vitally interested in every aspect of the business, and invests time, energy and resources in fostering productive communication with our employees as well as our clients. Like his father, Salvador, Oscar is also supremely gifted at making connections – his background, hospitable nature and ability to forge long-term relationships with people has made him a familiar and highly respected member of the Napa Valley wine community.

Oscar joined Renteria in 1989 after graduating from St. Mary’s College. Though he was initially interested in the administrative side of the business, he became increasingly drawn to the vineyards and immersed himself for several years into learning about viticulture and vineyard management. In 1993 Oscar assumed proprietorship of Renteria and began to work closely with the distinguished group of clients Salvador had cultivated for so many years. Following Salvador’s retirement in 1995 Oscar was named president, and in the ensuing years he progressively grew Renteria into what it is today: one of the largest and most respected vineyard management companies in the North Bay area. One of Oscar’s greatest contributions to the company has been his willingness to embrace and invest in technological innovation. “While a hands-on approach to viticulture is still central to our ethos, we look at ways to infuse technology as a means to continually increase grape quality; it’s our future.”