Jorge Brito

“Oscar always gives the credit to the people working in the vineyard.”


Field Scout


Since 2015


Napa Valley College
Viticulture & Winery Technology Program

Jorge’s role as Field Scout takes him to every ranch we manage at least once a week. That’s five or more properties a day, where he checks for pests and disease issues and reports on the general health and growth status of each vineyard and each block. All of Jorge’s findings are recorded on an iPad so that the information can be shared in real time with the rest of our team and acted upon quickly. “I work very fast; in fact, I’ve lost weight since starting this job.”

Jorge has spent a lot of time in Napa Valley vineyards, having worked for six years for the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner as an inspector and trapper to help prevent the introduction of harmful pests and diseases into the county. Before that he worked in landscape design and construction. With his position at Renteria, Jorge has fulfilled a long-term goal of entering the field of viticulture and vineyard management. “There’s room to grow here, and it’s one of the most professional organizations I’ve ever worked for. We’re serious and focused not only on customers but on our workers too.”