Denise Renteria

“We encompass the best of the old and the new: with Salvador, whose deep knowledge of Napa Valley goes back to the 1960s, and with new technology, which we've been quick to embrace.”




Since 1995


BS Business – St. Mary's College

Denise works primarily on the administrative side of Renteria, though her role as officer, owner and family member and her long tenure with the company means she has been involved with nearly every aspect of the business as it has grown. “When I started here we had 6 full time employees overseeing 400 acres; today we have more than 75 full time employees and 1700 acres.”

Denise, who worked in human resources for the City of San Francisco’s Health Service System prior to joining Renteria, has been instrumental in developing the systems and procedures that make our accounting, financial and human resource functions run smoothly. She’s also had a major influence on the culture of Renteria, fostering an environment that is caring, motivating and that puts families first. “We are very fortunate to have people who have stayed with us for a long time. As a family we feel a deep connection with our employees; we want to see them succeed.”