Rancho Carneros

Zach & Becky Berkowitz, Owners

“They're good at keeping my client happy.”


Approximately 17

Our Role

Perform all hand labor and tractor work and work with owners on farm plans and recommendations. Interface with owners' client.


Since 2004

As a vineyard consultant himself, Zach Berkowitz has a slightly different relationship with Renteria than other clients. “I used to try to manage it myself, hiring guys and borrowing a tractor,” says Berkowitz of the 17-acre Rancho Carneros vineyard he and his wife own (and live on) in Carneros. “But eventually I decided I wanted a more professional approach.”

Berkowitz, who sells grapes from Rancho Carneros to a prominent Napa Valley winery, says that one of the things he appreciates about Renteria is the company’s ability to interface directly with his client. “When the winery asks for crazy stuff, Renteria bends over backwards to make it happen, but if the request is way out of bounds they’ll also go to bat for me. I’ve never heard a complaint.”