Michael Mondavi Family Estate

Rob Mondavi, Jr., Co-Founder and President

“As a multi-generational family business we really appreciate working with another multi-generational business with similar vision and values.”


Approximately 125

Our Role

All aspects of managing Oso vineyard.


Since 2004

Michael Mondavi Family Estate is the continuation of a four-generation legacy in Napa Valley wine. Renteria manages Oso Vineyard, one of The Mondavi Families owned estate vineyards. The vineyard is nestled between Ink Grade and Howell Mountain.

“Renteria has been doing something right for generations,” says Rob Mondavi, Jr., Co-Founder and President, who notes that RVM’s reputation in Napa County has been helpful in securing necessary permits for vineyard development. “It’s a small valley and there’s no hiding.”

Mondavi also cites Renteria’s proactive approach to executing work and its ability to mobilize quickly as key reasons for working with the vineyard management company. “If we need to get grapes picked within a 24-hour time period because of weather conditions, Renteria will get it done.”