Freemark Abbey

Ted Edwards, Director of Winemaking

“It's a great partnership. I really trust them.”


Approximately 46

Our Role

All aspects of vineyard managing two distinct vineyard sites.


Since 2010

Renteria manages two of Freemark Abbey’s most iconic vineyards: Sycamore Vineyard and Bosché Vineyard, both in Napa Valley’s Rutherford Bench. One of the things Director of Winemaking Ted Edwards values most about the relationship is Renteria’s penchant for communication. “When they loaded up a truck at harvest they text me with the number of bins and how many tons they’re bringing to the winery; it’s really helpful.”

Renteria was also helpful when it came time to replant part of the Sycamore Vineyard. “We decided to experiment with a new trellis system which enhanced the filtered light; we’re getting a better yield as well as better quality.” Each year Edwards makes a point of tasting the wines from the previous harvest with the Renteria team. “We discuss what was successful and what changes need to be made.”